A Guide to Scenic Detour Sunshine Coast

A tranquil beach scene on the Sunshine Coast with clear blue skies, turquoise waves gently crashing onto the sandy shore, and sparse green vegetation in the foreground.

A Guide to Scenic Detour Sunshine Coast

Are you looking for a coastal paradise that offers unforgettable experiences and lasting memories? Then, the Sunshine Coast is the place to be.

From pristine beaches to stunning mountains and captivating landscapes, this region offers unparalleled beauty that you will surely enjoy.

Whether you’re a thorough explorer or a seasoned traveller, a scenic drive on the Sunshine Coast is a must-have in your itinerary. It’s not just about enjoying the region’s beauty but also about getting a deeper understanding of its unique charm and hidden gems.

So, why not add this enriching experience to your itinerary?

Best Scenic Detour Sunshine Coast

Here are some of the best scenic drives on the Sunshine Coast that you will definitely enjoy.

Glass House Mountains

A panoramic view of a dramatic mountain peak rising sharply above a lush, green landscape with scattered clouds in a vibrant blue sky, perfectly capturing the essence of Sunshine Coast Travel.

Glass House Mountains, Queensland Australia

The Glass House Mountains, with their stunning peaks, excellent walking tracks, and scenic beauty, must be on every traveller’s bucket list. You can walk on the mountain’s base, climb rocks and even take some excellent pictures from the Glass House Mountains Lookout.

To visit the Australia zoo, you can hit the road through the Steve Irwin Way near Beerwah. You can also visit the Glass House Mountains National Park to get a panoramic view of the mountains.

Sunshine Beach

Aerial view of a long, sandy beach on the Sunshine Coast with waves rolling in from a turquoise sea, surrounded by lush greenery and scattered buildings under a clear blue sky.

View over Sunshine Beach south of Noosa, QLD, with people.

The Sunshine Coast is blessed with beautiful beaches that are a treat to the eyes. One such beach with a laid-back atmosphere is the Sunshine Beach.

Lined with restaurants, cafes, and boutiques, Sunshine Beach has everything a beach lover needs. You can order a cool beer and chill out on one of the comfy couches or head out to the beach for surfing. You can also pack a picnic bag and enjoy some fun time with kids on the beach.

For those exploring the coastal drive, consider visiting Castaways Beach, conveniently located near Sunshine Beach, to your itinerary for an extended beach experience.

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve

A forest pathway winds beside a large tree with expansive, buttressed roots on the Sunshine Coast. The lush greenery surrounds the path, creating a serene natural environment.

Overlooking the stunning Glass House Mountains is the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve. Filled with plants and animals, this rainforest is the epitome of calm and relaxation.

You can go for relaxing rainforest walks through the walking trail, enjoying the natural beauty of the region and listening to the sounds of birds and animals. You can even opt for a guided walk to learn more about the forest and its inhabitants.

Sunrise Beach.


This is yet another beach on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland with a laid-back ambience. It makes a perfect getaway with family and friends.

Surrounded by the Noosa National Park, Sunrise Beach has self-contained and motel-style accommodations where you can wind up for a day.

Peregian beach

A tranquil beach scene on the Sunshine Coast with clear blue skies, turquoise waves gently crashing onto the sandy shore, and sparse green vegetation in the foreground.

A small coastal town on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Peregian Beach is a popular seaside holiday destination. With small coffee shops, boutique clothing stores, and luxurious day spas, it is a wonderful coastal drive on the Sunshine Coast.

Maroochy river

A serene river with gentle ripples flows through a landscape, bordered by sandy banks and lush green trees. A small building cluster is visible in the background under a cloudy sky, part of a scenic det

Maroochy River Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast Australia

The Maroochy River, with its two arms, the North and South Maroochy Rivers, is another great scenic detour on the Sunshine Coast. A few of the must-visit places on the Sunshine Coast, like the Ginger Factory, Sea Life Sunshine Coast aquarium and Montville, are located near the south Maroochy River.

Kondalilla national park

A serene landscape on the Sunshine Coast showing a calm river reflecting sunlight, surrounded by rocky terrains and dense greenery, with trees reaching up the clear blue sky.

The Kondalilla National Park, with its various attractions and experiences, is a must-visit place during scenic drives. The highlight of this national park is the majestic waterfalls, which are one of the spectacular ones on the Blackall Range tourist drive.

Tropical rainforest, great walks and stunning plants and animals are other attractions of this national park.

Rainbow beach

Rainbow Beach is a coastal town located between the Cooloola National Park and Fraser Island. This stunning coastal area is surrounded by subtropical forests and seaside cliffs. Various sea resorts and beach houses are available for unwinding and relaxing after the scenic drives.


A day trip to the Sunshine Coast is incomplete without a scenic detour. From enjoying the beautiful beaches, mighty mountains, and stunning landscapes, you are in for a thorough treat when you take a Sunshine Coast scenic detour. 

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