What is your cancellation policy?

0% cancellation fee applies for bookings cancelled up to 24 hours before the charter starts
50% cancellation fee applies for bookings cancelled within 24 hours before the charter starts
100% cancellation fee applies for no-shows.

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Is a deposit required for Minibus Charters?

No, however full payment is required 7 days prior to departure.

What if I want to change the date of my charter?

Bookings may be changed up to 24 hours prior to departure for free.
Date changes within 24 hours may be requested however Minibus Charter Sunshine Coast reserves the right to refuse any change due to insufficient notice.

Can I take Alcohol onboard?

No, state legislation does not allow alcohol is to be consumed in any of our vehicles at any time. There is to be no opened alcohol brought on the bus at any time. If you’d like to bring unopened alcohol on the bus, please request this with the driver prior to boarding the vehicle.

Does the charter operate in wet weather?

Our Charters are not weather dependent. Actually, the rainy days are always our busiest. All Charters will depart regardless of rain or other weather conditions unless we are aware of conditions/forecasts that would make it unsafe to.

Do I need to confirm my charter booking?

No, if you have paid in full and you have received an electronic voucher via email, then there is no need to reconfirm your booking.

How do babies and children travel on the minibus?

Infant and toddler restraints and booster seats available on request.

Babies up to 6 months’ old
Babies up to 6 months of age must be in an approved rear-facing restraint that is properly fastened and adjusted. We recommend babies stay in a rear-facing restraint for as long as their size allows.
Babies and children—6 months to 4 years. Babies and children from 6 months and up to 4 years must be in an approved child restraint that is properly adjusted and fastened. The child restraint may be rear-facing or forward-facing with a built-in harness.

Children—4 to 7 years
Children aged 4 years and up to 7 years may be in an approved child restraint that is forward-facing with a built-in harness that is properly adjusted and fastened. They may also be in an approved booster seat secured with an adult lap-sash seat-belt or a fastened and adjusted H-Harness

Children 7 years and over
Children who are 7 years and over may sit in a standard seat with an adult seat-belt, or an approved booster seat/cushion secured with an adult lap-sash seat-belt or an H-Harness.

Can I take a wheelchair on Charter?

Generally, no, our charter vehicle is not equipped to store wheelchairs.

Infant strollers are permitted onboard the minibus. Please enquire before booking for clarification on a particular charter.

Can I bring luggage on board the bus?

Our chartering vehicles have minimal storage space, so any more than a small day pack is undesirable. Large bags, prams & strollers cannot be stored on board. If you need to bring along any more than this, please be sure to let us know at the time of booking, as it may be necessary to purchase an extra seat to accommodate your luggage.

What are my payment options?

We can accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country in 135+ currencies. Credit card payments incur a 1.8% surcharge. Alternatively a bank transfer is acceptable. Full payment is due 7 days before travel.

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