Should You Arrange Wedding Transport to Get Your Guests to Your Wedding Venue?

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Should You Arrange Wedding Transport to Get Your Guests to Your Wedding Venue?

You’ve arranged amazing limousines for the wedding party and a stunning Rolls Royce for the bridal party for a grand entry. But have you thought about how your guests will get to your wedding venue on the wedding day?

Some venues are easy, particularly when the ceremony and reception are in one location with lots of parking on site. However, if you have booked a picturesque and remote venue that lacks parking space, parking the wedding cars can be a nightmare.

That’s where Minibus Charter Sunshine Coast can help. We offer wedding transport Sunshine Coast service whereby we transfer your guests to any location as per your wedding planner.

Why should you go for a wedding transportation service?

Most of us appreciate that weddings can be costly. Wedding transportation for your guests is simply another expense added to the burgeoning cost. However, there are some very sound reasons to give Minibus Charter Sunshine Coast wedding transport serious consideration.

Makes Life Easier for Your Guests

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Everyone wants that picture-perfect Sunshine Coast wedding with a unique wedding theme and stunning wedding photos. But if your wedding venue is in a location with limited reliable public transport options, there is a high risk that guests unfamiliar with the area may get lost and very stressed trying to get there.

This may result in late arrivals, leaving massive gaps in your wedding album when friends and family miss photo opportunities or even the wedding party and ceremony itself.

All these problems can be solved if you opt for a luxury wedding transportation facility like a minibus charter to transport the guests.

You also need to think about parking arrangements. If there is limited, expensive, or no designated parking, this is another burden for your guests.

The Logistics

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Fortunately, organising wedding transport is not a logistical nightmare. If you have guests staying in accommodation in a specific area, you can create pick-up and drop-off points for your guest shuttle in an 11-seat or 13-seat minibus with a driver.

You can include a copy of the schedule in your welcome bags or with confirmation cards. These days, you can email the schedule to your guests once they have confirmed they will be attending. This should include departure times from the reception, which older guests or those who have hired a babysitter, in particular, will appreciate.

If you have guests in the local area or staying at other hotels, you can offer them the option to park near a pick-up location to join your other guests for the wedding transportation.

Minibus Charter Sunshine Coast can assist you in creating a transport schedule. Once it is finalised, you can pass the information along to your guests, letting them know when and where their wedding shuttle will depart.

Remember that your wedding transport is more than a simple Sunshine Coast airport shuttle service. Your guests can get into a celebratory mood right from the time they are picked up. You can arrange little details to set the tone for your big day, from having a wedding day playlist for your guests to enjoy to offering refreshments.

Limited Budget

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If your budget cannot afford to provide wedding transport for your guests, it is still important to consider how they will get to and from the wedding venue.

In addition to providing driving directions, why not ask guests if they would prefer to share the cost of wedding transport? You can get a free quote for the transport with various pick-up and drop-off points and cost this out per guest. Many people will appreciate this option, so they don’t need to worry about getting lost or parking their car.

If they are staying in the local area, they can relax and be taken directly to the venue, knowing in advance that they have covered the cost. This eliminates the worry about out-of-hours taxi services costing a small fortune or getting stuck waiting for their transport to arrive when the reception is over.

Socializing time

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Wedding venues are not the only places where your friends and family can socialize. Travelling together in a minibus to the reception venue provides them ample time to get to know each other. Whether it is the bridal party or those from the groom’s side, they can have a wonderful time together while travelling in a minibus.

Some couples even provide a photographer on board the bus to capture the party mood right from the vehicles.

Eco-friendly option

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Just imagine how much CO2 will be emitted if your wedding guests bring their own vehicles to the wedding venue. That would be a huge number. And you would not want to contribute to the pressing problem of global warming.

A minibus charter is a much better option as the CO2 release can be greatly minimized. Since a number of people are travelling in the same bus, there is less chance of individual vehicles polluting the beautiful Sunshine Coast environment.


If you would like to explore the options for Sunshine Coast wedding transport, you can speak to us. The Minibus Charter Sunshine Coast team would be delighted to discuss the details to help your wedding day transport go as smoothly as possible.

We offer 11, 13, and 21-seater buses, which you can hire according to your requirements. Contact us right now to discuss your wedding transportation requirements, and we would be delighted to help you out.