Top Benefits of Using Minibus Charters for Group Travel

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Top Benefits of Using Minibus Charters for Group Travel

Are you planning to explore the Sunshine Coast with your family for the next holiday? Or are you planning a corporate tour to the nearest city? Then arranging for the travel can be a nightmare. 

Though several tour facilities are available to transport a group, it may not be convenient for all. Sometimes, they may not be flexible or may not provide a tour to your preferred destination. 

This is where the Minibus Charter comes into the picture. With world-class tour facilities at an affordable rate, Minibus Charter offers the best bus hire in the hospitality industry. 

What is a charter service?

A chartered service is a hiring facility where you can hire a vehicle for your personal use. You can opt for a minibus or van hire to travel across the Sunshine Coast and see the beautiful sights.

What are the benefits of using the Minibus Charter?


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Have you ever compared the rate of the Minibus charter with that of other minibus rentals? You will notice that the rate per head is substantially low. We offer more accurate rental estimate so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

Besides, we also offer discount code for bulk booking. Expenses like parking fees and tolls will also be included in our charge. All this can be economical when you travel as a group.


Are you looking for an efficient door-to-door mini bus hire service? Then, the Minibus Charter is the perfect choice. We will pick up passengers from the designated place at the designated time and drop them back at their convenience. 

Since the mini bus is chartered for your use, they maintain the time promptly. Thus, the Minibus charter is the perfect option if you plan a one-day tour with a pre-planned itinerary.

Stress-free travel

The peculiarity of Minibus charters is that we can accommodate all your needs. This flexibility offers stress-free travel.

Whether you want to pick up a passenger from an out-of-the-way place or extend an hour to meet your requirements, it is possible when you opt for a minibus hire with us.

Range of services

A wedding transport group posing happily beside a red trolley car. The bride and groom stand in the center, flanked by bridesmaids in teal dresses and groomsmen in dark suits.

Minibus charter is not just about group tours. We also offer various services, such as airport transfer, wedding transport, golf and sporting events, corporate events, and other social events.

Thus, whatever your requirement is, it can be fulfilled with our minibus hire service.

Wide range of fleet

A line of white legion cabs taxis parked along a city street in Noosa, each with a "taxi" sign on top, waiting by the curb with greenery in the background.

Are you travelling with your family on vacation? We have a 12-seater minibus hire facility that can accommodate 2-3 families.

Or are you going on a corporate tour? Our 21 seater bus would be just apt for your requirement. Thus, whatever your requirement is, we have buses of different sizes to meet your needs. 

Dedicated staff

All our drivers are well-experienced and can handle your transport requirements professionally. As locals, they know every nook and corner of the city and can, hence, provide highly reliable service.

Besides, they are well-trained customer service professionals who can handle your luggage and meet your travel requirements. 

Additional facilities

If you are travelling as a large group, luggage can be a problem. We offer luggage trailers, which provide additional cargo space. Whether you travel for a wedding or need a pick-up from the airport, our luggage trailer comes in handy. 

In addition, we also offer baby and booster seats as per your requirements.


You need not worry about group travel any more thanks to the Minibus Charter service. We offer cost-effective and convenient travel and meet all your travel requirements. You can even save money by using our coupon code.

Whether you want to travel as a small group on vacation or host a corporate event with a large group, our Minibus charter is the perfect option. 

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us right away to book our world-class service. 


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