Transport Options in Noosa

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Transport Options in Noosa

With plenty to see and do in Noosa and the surrounding areas, like Noosa National Park, you must plan how you will get from A to B, whether you’re here for a weekend or a month. In fact, even long-time locals occasionally need to figure out a transport plan.

Noosa offers many options, including public transport facilities, depending on your destination. From the classic public bus to the innovative water taxi to the unrivalled convenience of the Flexi Taxi service, there are many public transport facilities to cover local destinations.

Different transport options in Noosa Heads


Noosa Walking | Noosa National Park. Minibus Charter Sunshine Coast

Noosa Heads is a beautiful place to explore on foot. With an array of scenic walking trails, you can easily explore Noosa. In fact, it is the most eco-friendly way to explore a destination.

However, walking may not be suited on all occasions. For some excursions, you may require something a tad faster.


An older man and woman joyfully riding bicycles on a sunny day along a grassy path under a clear blue sky, embodying the transport options in Noosa. Both are smiling and dressed in casual

Similarly, Noosa is laced with some delightful cycle tracks. Bicycle hire facilities are also available throughout the region. Thus, two wheels make the perfect mode of transport for some shorter journeys. It is one of the most sustainable transport options available in this region.

Public bus

A city bus, one of the transport options in Noosa, is in motion, depicted with a motion blur effect to emphasize speed, traveling through a busy urban street with blurred buildings in the background.

Noosa’s public bus system

links its major bus routes, such as Hastings Street, Noosa Junction, and Noosaville, with the Sunshine Coast Region. If you want to cover a larger distance in the most eco-friendly way, public buses are a great alternative.


A person's hand in a suit offering a car key with a red key tag, displaying transport options in Noosa, with a blurred black car in the background on a sunny day.

There are several places offering car hire facilities in Noosa. Besides, a thriving second-hand car market provides greater flexibility for your movements.

Just be aware that parking can be tricky in some of the more popular spots.


A line of white legion cabs taxis parked along a city street in Noosa, each with a "taxi" sign on top, waiting by the curb with greenery in the background.

Hiring a taxi is the best way to get around Noosa and its surrounding areas. In fact, taxis provide Noosa with a 24/7 transport option, and they certainly have their place as a safe way of getting home at night.

Noosa’s main taxi rank is located on Hastings Street.

Uber & other rideshare options

Noosa is home to several rideshare options, including Uber, Didi, Ola, and Sheebah. These often provide a cheaper alternative to taxis and a convenient way to get around the region.

Noosa Ferry and water taxi

Noosa Ferry | Sunshine Coast

Flexi Taxi Transfers

If your stop is close to the Noosa River, then the Noosa Ferry or water taxi offers an alternative way to travel. Enjoy a scenic, relaxing cruise as you head between Tewantin and Hastings Street on the ferry or all around Noosa North Shore and Noosa Sound on the water taxi.

Flexi Taxi Transfers

Noosa’s Flexi-Taxi service offers the ultimate in convenience and flexibility, with both one-way and return point-to-point journeys available. Simply select your pick-up and drop-off points, and let us know when you would like to be picked up.

Sit back and relax in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle as your fully accredited driver takes care of the rest. With vehicles suited to 4, 11, or 13 passengers, we cater to groups of all sizes.

Flexi taxi transfers are perfect for airport transfers, shopping trips, weddings, corporate days out, winery visits, and much more.


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